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Global tyranny is fought against by empowered and enlightened individuals.,Только просветленным и осознанного люди могут бороться с тиранией, A tirania global é combatida por indivíduos capacitados e iluminados., La tiranía global es combatida por individuos empoderados e iluminados. Seules les personnes éclairées et informées peuvent lutter contre la tyrannie,开明和知情个人可以对抗全球暴政!, Globale Tyrannei wird von ermächtigten und erleuchteten Individuen gekämpft!

Most Current / Critical

Declaration of Independence (.pdf 950Kb)

Constitution of the United States (.pdf 400Kb)

Bill of Rights(.pdf 85Kb)

Extensive coverage on radical sleeper cells in the United States

Russia and U.S.(Россия и Америка) played against one another over history by satanic elites (selected clip from the Alex Jones Show - audio mp3 40 mins.)


Central Planning and Brainwashing of Americans by Psychopathic Globalist Elite using Mass Media and Archaic Population Management Techniques

Bush Nazi Summary (John Buchanan) (audio mp3 12 mins)

Alan Watt on Alex Jones' INfoWars(audio mp3 120 mins)

"End Game" Documentary by Alex Jones (audio mp3 120 mins.)

"Fall of the Republic" Documentary by Alex Jones (audio mp3 150 mins.)

"Blueprint of Madmen" Documentary by Alex Jones (audio mp3 45 mins.)

"The Road to Tyranny" Documentary by Alex Jones (audio mp3 140 mins.)

Russia and U.S. played against one another over history by satanic elites (selected clip from the Alex Jones Show - audio mp3 40 mins.)

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New World Order Videos and Books

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"End Game" - Alex Jones' best film on the New World Order (Windows Media - .WMV 900MB)

Books related to Globalism and the NWO: (Dwonload in PDF Format)

Internment And Resettlement Operations: U.S. Army Field Manual FM 3-39.40

John Perkins- Confessions of an Economic Hitman

Zbigniew Brzezinski- The Grand Chessboard

Zbigniew Brzezinski- Between Two Ages

Carroll Quigley- Tragedy and Hope

John Robison- Proofs of a Conspiracy

John Holdren- Ecoscience

Edward Bernays- Propaganda

Charles Galton Darwin- The Next Million Years 1953

All the NWO Books Page and more to come!

Hyper Sexualization of Children Prevents Normal Adult Bonding, and Formation of Families

Wisconsin schools introduce masturbation in fourth grade, everything else by sixth. Article by - Ryan Ekvall

American Psychological Association (on sexualization of young girls by TV, fashion, music

Gender confusion, transgender mania and language correctness is damaging mental health of kids and adults (Camille Paglia) Alex Jones' Show (audio mp3 90 mins.)

American War Profiteers (Ford, IBM, General Electric) aiding N. Korea, N. Vietnam, Soviets & Nazi Germany

Best Enemy Money can Buy -Antony Sutton 158pgs 700 Kb

Medical Tyranny and Vaccines: Subverted population reduction programs

Dr.Russell Blalock interviewed by Alex Jones 90 mins mp3.

War on Health - Gary Null's documentary exposing the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) corruption (youtube)

Global predatory capitalism and de-industrialization of America

How Free Trade Is Killing Middle America

Global re-distribution of wealth and enslaving third world countries. (John Perkins) - "Confessions of an Economic Hitman" 272 pgs. 13MB .pdf


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